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Owner, creative director, wedding florist

Hi, I’m Sami! Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to create! Whether it was playing with shoes in my Dad’s warehouse, painting or helping with my Grammy Doll with her interior design projects. I have naturally been drawn to the process and idea of creating something beautiful. Owning my own business and getting to create hundreds of beautiful weddings speaks to that little girl. I feel most myself in two places. The first is in my design studio, some 90’s R&B blaring while I am surrounded by buckets of beautiful blooms full of possibilities and my three children happily playing on the lawn outfront (Though the happily playing is fleeting. They are children after all). The second is after an event. I love the drive home after a hard day’s work (with months of planning behind it). Windows down (weather permitting), my 90’s R&B once again blaring as I enjoy the beautiful, majestic scenery we get to call home. I grew up in Dallas, but it amazes me how quickly the Teton mountain range has become home.  After years of working in the floral industry in Dallas, New York and Phoenix, my husband Luke and I chose Jackson as a place to start raising our family and I have never once regretted it – though the winters are long. We bet on ourselves and started our business, then named Blush & Bashful Weddings. We later rebranded to Magnolia Ranch Events.

Magnolia Ranch Events wouldn’t be what it is today without the people that make it happen. Sure we need brides and photographers and caterers to make a lot of the wedding magic happen, but what really makes what we do so magical to me is the people I get to share it with.

Our team Florida this past fall!

First up is the OG and my high school sweetheart Luke.

Luke is full of fun and laughs and has been in the trenches with me when our business was in its earliest stages and countless times since as we have worked to grow and stretch both our business, our family and ourselves. He has been there working late with me designing in our kitchen, loading vehicles to tetris perfection and helping encourage my crazy 2 am ideas. We often joke that he is retired, but he is far from it as he is always busy helping our family and business thrive. Besides helping run and manage a business and a family Luke is our numbers guy. I am terrible at that kind of thing and it is where he shines. He is constantly reminding me of the reality of some of my crazy ideas, but coming up with creative ways to make it all happen. I truly couldn’t do life or business without him. 

Next up is our Ali girl

Ali started working for us when she was a sophomore in high school.

I had to dig deep into the archives to find this picture! (circa 2015)

We had had quite a few high school age kids come in and out helping with our at the time 1 year old baby and sweeping the garage, scraping wax off candlesticks or helping here and there with an event. The first time Ali came by we knew she was a keeper. She jumped right in and got to work. Very quickly she became a big part of our lives. During the off season she would come play with our babies after school so I could sit at my desk and focus for a little bit and in the summers she was at as many events as her busy schedule would allow. When she graduated highschool we didn’t know what we would do without her. Luckily as she worked her way through college we were able to convince her to come back during the summers and help as much as she could. We have since convinced her to stay in an even more permanent position. She works as our Operations Manager, Social Media Manager, check-list queen and has gotten really good at reading my mind – really good, like knows what I’m looking for before I’ve even said it. Our kids love her and we are so grateful for her and her sweet growing family. 

Next is the queen of my heart Mrs Miriam, Mimsie Penfold.

Miriam and I became fast friends when we moved to Teton Valley as we were both Texas girls at heart. She gets me. From my love for 90’s R&B to planning Thanksgiving dinner together or a trip with our families she has always been a kindhearted, hard working bestie. She is one of those friends that is just always there for you. Whether it is helping with my rowdy bunch of kids or helping make arrangements the night before a big event she has always showed up for me when I needed it! When we decided we wanted to add planning to our business she was such an easy and natural fit. I have loved watching her rock it already! She had worked alongside me for years and I can’t think of a better job for her than planning! Her husband Nate is also incredibly talented and is constantly working hard to help design custom builds for us!

Last but certainly not least is Mecayle Kunz.

With kids the same age in school, t-ball games and soccer camps we slowly started to see Mecayle around more and more. She’s so fun and easy going that it’s hard not to love her! When it came time to find a few extra hands for an event Mecayle was there bright and early and ready to help. She came back saying over and over again how much she loved it. So we had her back and she has been hooked ever since. Mecayle brings to the team so much hustle and passion making everything fun! She oversees our growing inventory of rentals. Between packing trailers, loading and unloading couches, tables and chairs, Mecayle does literally anything and everything we need her to and we are so thankful!

We truly see the people we work with as family and are so lucky to have each of them. There is nothing more special than sharing what I love with the people I love and seeing my business and my relationships grow!



xo, magnolia ranch events

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