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Bouquet Considerations


3 things we consider when designing a bouquet:

We design hundreds of bouquets every year! From brides, bridesmaids and a mother-of-the-bride posy bouquet! With each bouquet we strive to create a custom and unique bouquet and the following are a few things we consider when we start the design process!

1. Time of Year

This is one is one of the trickiest! If you send us a picture of your dream bouquet full of springtime flowers, but then have a wedding in the middle of October, odds are those flowers in your picture aren’t going to be in season. There are ways to work around it and order in the specific flowers that you want from around the globe, the problem with that they can be extremely expensive and don’t always hold up as well in the heat of traveling. We want to ensure the highest quality of flowers for your bouquet, which is why we try to use locally grown flowers all of which are season dependent!

2. Your Dress

Wedding dresses and wedding bouquets go hand in hand. How we design your bouquet has a lot to do with what you wedding dress looks like. We want them to both have their moment without distracting from one another. Ensuring that the blooms in your bouquet compliment your dress is crucial to getting that cohesive look we see in so many bridal magazines! If you have a big skirt on your wedding gown and want a petite bouquet, it might look a little different than if you had a A-line dress with a relaxed skirt. Balancing the style and volume of the dress helps us maximize on the look of your bouquet!

3. Figure

Believe it or not, your figure also has a lot to do with how your bouquet is designed! They are not a “one size fits all”. Just like all brides wouldn’t wear the same size dress, the same size bouquet probably wouldn’t be the best fit either! We want to make sure your bouquet is just the right size for you so you are not getting lost behind.

We pride ourselves in creating, unique one of a kind bouquets for each of our brides! Our top priority is YOU and we want to make sure each bouquet we deliver is exactly what you want which is why it is so important to consider these three elements! At the end of the day, we will do whatever it takes to make a happy bride, and deliver the bouquet you’ve been dreaming of!


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