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MRJH Through the Years


Magnolia Ranch Events has been around since 2012! Since then we have done hundreds of weddings all over the Teton Valley and beyond. Like many things our work has only gotten better with time. We thought it would be fun to pull some weddings from the archives and share with you how our work has elevated through the years! So crazy to think we have been running our own business for 10 years! Plus how fun to reflect on vendor relationships we have been working on for over 10 years!

August 2022 @ Moose Head Ranch

2022 was the year I really felt like we took off as a company! We booked so many more of our dream clients, created work that spoke so immensely to each couple and we greatly increased our rentals inventory which was a complete game changer. Having our own luxury rentals at our fingertips has made designing dream weddings so fun! We were able to hire on more employees to help us run it all and start on expanding our company into more areas by adding planning and starting work on our company warehouse! We are so thrilled to see what 2023 has in store for us!

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August 2021 @ Snake River Ranch – Headquarters

2021 was a beautiful year with beautiful clients and events. Every wedding we get to do is so fun and 2021 was no exception! We started work on updating our website and branding and had it live by the end of the year which was a complete game changer! After Covid it was nice to get some normalcy back into the wedding world and still do what we love – creating magic.

September 2020 @ Antelope Trails

2020 was a rough year for all of us, but that didn’t impact the level of beauty found at our weddings! We are so thankful for the clients we had that year that helped us continue to do what we love even in a world of craziness. With all that was going on we partnered with Xowyo and did our Party Bundles to help comply with the smaller gathering guidelines.

June 2019 @ Snake River Ranch – Giltner Site

2019 we got our first custom bar! (pictured) Ali came back from Spain, and we had a big enough team that our ability to get in and get it done was magnified! We had our Tashie girl and Ali working full-time for us helping wrangle kids, paint bars, set up events and be our breakdown crew. Our 2019 season rocked!

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September 2018 @ Center for the Arts

2018 our Ali girl went to Spain, but thankfully we were able to find other incredible employees (Talking to you Tash & Baylee) that truly helped us elevate our services! Luke was able to quit his day job and be at Magnolia Ranch full time which was a complete game changer for our business! It has been so incredible to have this business provide so much for our family!

August 2017 @ Snake River Ranch – Giltner Site

2017 we moved into our current house from our 3 bedroom townhouse! We were thrilled to have a big garage that worked perfectly as a studio (with hand painted floors), plus more room for the babies to play! It worked so much better than our tiny kitchen! Plus, we also had our third baby! Three under three – it was as crazy as it sounds – but having more space allowed us to really step up our game and we got to design some stunning events. (more from this gallery here)

September 2016 @ 3 Creek Ranch

It was in 2016 it was made clear to me that babies were no longer invited to design meetings. It was too hard to chase babies and keep a calm collected exterior for a client. We realized we needed more space and started looking for our first home. (More from this gallery here)

August 2015 @ Moose Head Ranch

We had another baby girl – Lyla in 2015 and boy what a party two babies were while trying to make it all work! We brought along our Ali girl to events, along with the babies. Between tending to the babies and placing all the florals our team made it happen.

September 2014 @ Snake River Sporting Club

2014 we had out first baby girl – Lucy! Navigating that first year of parenting and running a business was a challenge, but I feel so blessed to do what I love and raise tiny humans! Thankful for the clients that made those design meetings with a baby work!

July 2013 @ Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis

This is one of our very first wedding in Jackson! So fun to Work at Golf and Tennis with clients over 10 years later! Can’t believe we have been shooting with Carrie Patterson so long!

2012 @ The 4 Seasons in Dallas

After a year of being married we decided it was time to try and make our dream of running our own business as a reality. And we made it happen with a lot of blood, sweat and tears. This wedding pictured below was one of our very first weddings and my cutie sister Chloe flew from Arizona to help me and we couldn’t have done it without her.

You made it to the end! I wish I had more galleries from years past 2012 of my time in New York. Someday I’ll have to tell you about the time I met Jay-Z. Thanks for going down memory lane with us! We are forever grateful for these years of weddings we have behind us! We feel so blessed to do what we love with the people we love! We can’t wait for the weddings we have to create this season!


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